The night between Saturday and Sunday December 7 - 8, the woman and her wife would go home to their hotel in Lindholmen after celebrating the woman's birthday, just before 00:30 they got off the bus and started walking towards the hotel. Shortly thereafter, a man shows up behind them and puts his arm around the woman's neck and chops her about 13 times in the face and body with a knife.

After extensive investigative work, the police were able to find technical evidence pointing to the 19-year-old who was sentenced at the Gothenburg District Court on Monday. The 19-year-old has throughout the course refused to be involved in the murder trial. The man should also have links with criminal organizations.

The technical proof

Newly purchased clothing, DNA on a knife and a surveillance film were some of the evidence that the district court considered could prove that it was the man in question who performed the act. A few days earlier, the man must have bought black clothes that were consistent with the testimonies that the woman's wife had provided, among other things.

The man's DNA should also have been found on the knife used in the assassination attempt. A picture was also published in TV3's Wanted where the man appeared.