It was in mid-November last year that the police received a report of rape against a 13-year-old girl. The crime must have happened during the day in a public toilet in the St. Pers gallery.

Early in the investigation, a man at the age of 20 was suspected, but it lasted until last week as he was arrested in his absence and thus called for. Five days later, the man was arrested and then last Friday he was arrested on suspicion of child rape.

- Since the police did not have the resources, he was not detained until now, says Moa Blomqvist.

How do you see that it has taken seven months?

- I am very upset that such serious crimes are put on high in the police, it is sad that it takes so long - both for the plaintiff and the suspect.

The man refuses a crime.

- He is certainly identified, there are cameras in this gallery. It is unclear if they know each other, says Moa Blomqvist.