First, in the United States, more than 60,000 patients are increasing every day, and news has been heard that President Trump is eager to resume economic activities. Then the epidemic authority, who said no, was pulled out, and even Trump retweeted the statement that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention was lying ahead of the November election.

Washington Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung reports.


New corona19 confirmed in the United States has increased more than 60,000 people every day since last week.

In 35 states, more than 10% of corona19 infections have surged compared to last week.

But President Trump stressed that it is a prerequisite for resuming economic activity.

[President Trump/US: I think there is a lot of political logic involved in school normalization. If you keep the school closed, you think they'll do better in the presidential election.] The

Washington Post reported that the Pouch National Epidemic Research Institute, America's top epidemic authority, has been criticized for rushing to resume economic activity.

[Pouch /美National plague Research Institute: I do not need to close the economy across the board, and I'm sure that if we can be somewhat handed back the resumption of economic activity Procedure]

The White House is a false claim saying the relevant contents of the pouch Director Gathered and provided it to the media, and started to criticize it.

President Trump retweeted the conspiracy theory of the Conservatives that the CDC, the CDC, is lying to prevent economic activity and adversely affect President Trump in elections.

In favor of the resumption of immediate economic activity, pro-Trump and, if not, anti-Trump, side of the President, making the US Corona response more difficult.