China News Service, July 12, according to US media reports, on the 11th local time, US President Trump was photographed wearing a mask while visiting a military medical center. In the past few months, Trump has refused to follow the advice of experts and wear masks in public.

  The report said that before visiting the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on the same day, Trump told reporters at the White House, "I like to wear masks in appropriate places," and revealed that he "may" wear masks.

On May 14, local time, US President Trump inspected a medical distribution center in Pennsylvania without wearing a mask, which was especially conspicuous among the crowd. The picture shows Trump's inspection at the medical material distribution center.

  Trump said, "I think that when you are in a hospital, especially in that special environment, you have to talk to many soldiers and people who just got off the operating table. I think it's great to wear a mask." "I have never objected to wearing a mask, but I believe that wearing a mask is time and place."

  American media reported that this is the first time Trump has publicly worn a mask since the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic in the United States.

  Previously, during the epidemic, Trump had been reluctant to wear masks in public, and it has caused controversy many times.

  At the end of May 2020, when Trump inspected the Ford plant in Michigan, he was photographed by the media without wearing a mask. Previously, whether it was Ford or officials in the state, he had asked him to wear a mask. In early June, Trump visited Maine to visit a factory that manufactures new coronavirus detection swabs, but still refused to wear masks and other protective equipment.