Yesterday, US President Donald Trump wore a face mask for the first time, while he was visiting a military hospital in Biszda, Maryland.

It is the first time that Trump has appeared wearing a muzzle since the new Corona virus arrived in US soil last January.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, more than 140,000 Americans have died of the virus, while more than 3 million have been infected with it.

While the muzzle wore most of the heads of state and leaders in the world, Trump was refusing to put her up until he visited the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, in a move that some experts saw "precisely calculated and watered the face of the president who refused to wear the muzzle before."

On May 11, Trump imposed on all White House officials, officials, and security guards, the wearing of a face mask, in a precautionary measure to counter the spread of the new Corona virus, and obliged White House visitors to wear it as well.

Trump spoke on this issue with the Wall Street Journal two weeks ago, and said, "Gags are a double-edged sword, people touch it, hold it, take it off all the time. I see people putting gags on the desk, then they wear them, touch their eyes with their fingers, and touch their noses, so I think a gag is a double-edged sword." .

Zis face muzzle

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated in its Preventive Manual to counter the spread of the new Corona virus, that it "recommends wearing masks when going out to public places."

A CNN report indicated that wearing a face mask would reduce the incidence of coronavirus by 50%.

The assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University College of Medicine Khaled Al-Shami agrees with what CNN referred to, stressing that "wearing a face mask is the most important precaution to reduce transmission or infection, and there are no doubts about the effectiveness of the mask with its different types." That "infection is transmitted mainly by droplets, and the muzzle impedes it."

Twenty US states require wearing face masks outside their homes, and among those states, only two have voted for Trump in the 2016 elections, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

While 26 states imposed the necessity of wearing masks in some public places such as restaurants or places of worship, 4 states - all of which voted for Trump in 2016 - never imposed wearing face masks.

Split Republicans and Democrats

Democrats see President Trump wearing a face mask, while Republicans' opinions on the issue are divided between a team that is staunchly pro-wear and someone who considers it good but not binding.

In a televised interview, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for "the necessity of wearing a face mask across the United States."

"Certainly, we have been waiting too long to impose the wearing of masks. I understand that the CDC has recommended the use of masks, and it has not been imposed so that the president is not embarrassed."

"President Trump should be a model by wearing health masks, not appearing as someone who does not care to protect his health, the health of his family, and the health of those who deal with him," Pelosi added.

For his part, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in a tweet, expressed his desire to “wear a mask until a serum that eliminates the new Corona virus is reached,” and endorses McConnell’s approach to Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Liz Cheney, who demanded the necessity of wearing The muzzle.

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee also asked President Trump to wear a face mask, albeit in a more diplomatic manner.

"If President Trump wears a face mask from time to time, he will send a strong message as the country is exposed to new waves of the outbreak of the new Corn virus," said Alexander, who heads the Senate Health and Education and Workers Committee, in an interview with a CNN television program. ".

The voters split

A poll conducted by the Pew Research Center last month showed data showing a wide disparity between Republicans and Democrats ’views on wearing a face mask.

76% of Democrats agree that face masks should be worn in stores all the time, while only 53% of Republicans agree.

Al-Jazeera Net spoke with some Republican voters about the face mask, and they also expressed their division over the need for President Trump to wear it.