Paris (AFP)

Virological tests to detect Covid-19 will be "systematized" in the coming days at French airports for travelers from countries classified as "red", government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced on Sunday at BFMTV.

"We are going to systematize the tests at the airport for travelers who come from so-called + red + countries, that is to say from countries where the virus circulates the most," said the new government spokesperson, announcing until 'to "2,000 PCR tests per day".

"Those who have been able to take a test from the country of origin will not have to repeat it when arriving in Paris, France. They will have to be able to produce proof that they have taken a test", he added, stating that "it will be implemented in the coming days", without giving a specific date.

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran indicated on Friday working on the establishment in airports "where it will be possible" of saliva tests for travelers arriving from countries at risk. They will be "offered" to them, "you can't force someone to have a test," he said.

These rapid diagnostic tests for infection are still being validated by the health authorities.

Questioned moreover on the possibility of making the wearing of the mask compulsory in closed public places, Mr. Attal judged that "the French are responsible, and when they are given recommendations, they respect them overwhelmingly". But the government "is constantly thinking, and we are constantly adapting to the situation".

Fourteen renowned doctors demanded in a tribune, published on Saturday evening by Le Parisien-Today in France, the obligation to wear a mask in enclosed public places, to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic from starting again, in a context of relaxation while respecting barrier gestures.

As of Friday evening, the number of deaths since the start of the epidemic crossed the symbolic bar of 30,000 dead, according to the latest daily report from the Ministry of Health, standing at 30,004 deaths.

For its part, the health agency Public Health France noted in its weekly point a "new trend in increasing circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus". However, viral circulation remains "at a low level".

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