Within the campaign "Safe Traffic Summer", Abu Dhabi Police called for the necessity of taking preventive measures for vehicles and trucks by examining the tires and ensuring their safety and replacement in the event of their expiration or the presence of any cracks or swelling, and ensuring the use of good and conforming items to avoid traffic accidents that occur due to the explosion.

Brigadier Mohammed Dhahi Al-Humairi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate in the Central Operations Sector, said that the campaign focuses on detecting the safety of vehicle tires and urging drivers to replace their expired vehicle tires, and to check the condition of new tires before purchasing them and not being affected by moisture and temperatures, which leads to their invalidity.

Truck drivers called for the need to avoid violations that cause severe traffic accidents, such as: overloading, and not to cross over the tracks, stressing the importance of adhering to traffic laws and regulations to enhance their safety on the road.

He stressed the necessity of using items that conform to specifications and follow the correct instructions in a manner that provides their safety, and the preventive measures include the appropriate framework used and its measurement, the temperature borne by it and the appropriate load, and the year of manufacture, and ensure that the tires of their vehicles are suitable for long journeys in the cases of drivers traveling by road.

He pointed to the intensification of traffic control and the application of the law on violators within the strategic priority to make the roads safer, and added that the violation is applied in accordance with Article 82 of the Traffic Law (fine of 500 dirhams and 4 traffic points and book the vehicle a week because the tires of the vehicle are not valid during driving.

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