US President exempted from friend's punishment Jailed for perjury of "suspicion of Russia" July 11, 14:04

President Trump of the United States decided to exempt a long-time friend who was sentenced to imprisonment for perjury or other crimes over the so-called Russian allegations by exempting him from being sentenced as "unjust judgment". Criticism for using a friend specially seems to increase.

Roger Stone, a long-time friend of President Trump and a political adviser to the Trump camp in the last presidential election, was charged with perjury and other charges as he made a testimony of a lie in a parliamentary investigation over Russia's allegations. This February, I was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.

The White House issued a statement on this day, saying that President Trump has decided to exempt him from the sentence, saying it is an "unjustified decision."

The White House said in a statement, "Mr. Stone is a victim of the left-handed tricks to oust President Trump," and said, "In light of the unreasonable circumstances surrounding unfair prosecution, arrest, and trial, the President I decided to exempt him from the sentence. Roger Stone is free."

Mr Stone was scheduled to be imprisoned on 14th of this month.

Against this decision, the opposition Democratic Party was rebutting that "Under President Trump, there seem to be two justices for his friends and others", using the president's authority Criticism for treating a friend as special is likely to rise.