At 9am on Friday morning, June 7, 2019, an explosive charge detonated, which is believed to contain about 25 kilos of dynamite in a bicycle shelter on Ådalagatan in Linköping.
The explosion, according to the authorities, is to be the most powerful for the public in Sweden in 20 years.

The gang war on drug dealing

At an early stage, there was information in the media that the target for the explosion must have been a person linked to No Surrender MC.
The bombing could thus be linked to an ongoing conflict between the Bandidos sphere and No Surrender MC. A conflict where violence since June last year has escalated and where several of No Surrender MC's front figures have been murdered on the open street.

The reason why the gang wars is basically the control of the drug trade and that the Bandidos sphere does not want the relatively newly formed No Surrender MC to be able to establish itself in that market.

According to a recent survey by No Surrender MC, done by the research company Acta Publica, there are currently seven members in Motala and three in Norrköping. Several of these have been punished for various types of violent and drug-related crime.

"Tiny influx of tips"

- Actually, I do not have much new to say about the investigation of Ådalagatan. There has been a slight influx of tips, unfortunately. We continue to work on the tracks that we have gone out with previously, the telephone traffic and the origin of the box cycle, ”says John Skoog, investigative director at the police.

But the police say their hypothesis is that the act is rooted in a conflict between two criminal groups.

- We have a view that this is a conflict between two different groups and that the motive for the crime is to harm or intimidate a person who lived on Ådalagatan. But it is difficult when you do not get information from a landowner, then we have to look very broadly at what could be the motive for the event, says John Skoog.

John Skoog, investigative director. Photo: Private.

One person was the targetava

The police have been in contact with the person they suspect was the target of the blast.

- He has given information in question, but it may be that there are additional information that he chooses not to provide. In this environment you do not want to say that you have been exposed to crime. They see it as a sign of weakness, says John Skoog.

According to him, there is no clear connection between the explosion on Ådalagatan and the violent crimes that have hit Norrköping, including the double murder outside a nightclub, the explosion in a residential building in Hageby and the murder outside a fast food restaurant.

- There may be. This event may be part of the conflict between, above all, two different groups in Linköping and we do not see any direct links to the events that have been in Norrköping, but they can also be part of this conflict, says John Skoog.

In the war on drugs - and love

According to John Skoog, it is not obvious what the conflict between the individuals in the two criminal groups is.

- There are a variety of conflicts that these individuals are involved in at the same time. It may be of a private nature, such as love relationships or jealousy or past wrongs in their relationship, as they have often known each other for a long time. Then it can also be a power struggle between these groups where drugs play an important role. Those who control and control the drug market are also those with the greatest capital to use to finance their criminal activities and lifestyles. But with that said, we see no direct links between the various events, he says.

Do you think we will see a solution to the deed?

- I believe and hope so. But now we have ended up in a situation where we have taken many actions that have not led to us being able to prosecute any person. But there are other things we can try in the investigation. This is such a serious crime that we can take several actions that may not lead directly to prosecution, but which can bring us closer.