The creeks near Marseille are stormed by night owls deprived of night clubs. Local residents complain about noise, incivility and scattered waste. Europe 1 went to Ensuès-la-Redonne. 


In Ensuès-la-Redonne, about twenty kilometers from Marseille, music covers the song of the cicadas. From the middle of the afternoon, the dazed residents see dozens of bathers and revelers arriving, often from Marseille. "Because we live in town, we would not have the right to come and bathe here? The creeks do not belong to them," contests one of them.

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But locals complain about incivility, fights and the endless ballet of cars in a tiny cove. "We are victims of the beauty of the creeks! The young people respect nothing, neither the boats, nor the people. They insult us, nothing stops them. There is garbage everywhere and bottles of alcohol lying around. has a big problem of insecurity, it's catastrophic ", denounces a local resident with Europe 1.

The town hall seeks a compromise

The inhabitants of Ensuès-la-Redonne have found their own solution: install a dam at the top of the cove to deter cars. The mayor Michel Illac calls him to the police: "I share the concern of the residents. These visitors must be watched and possibly sanctioned. A compromise must be found". The patrols of the gendarmes will multiply, but the town hall assured that the calanque would not be closed.