Bloomberg News said that Facebook is considering banning political ads on its social media platform in the days leading up to the November 3 US presidential election.

The agency added, citing sources it described as well-informed, that the possible ban is still under discussion and has not yet been decided.

In contrast, a Facebook spokesman said the company had no comment on the Bloomberg report.

Facebook has been heavily criticized in the recent period for its policy that excuses politicians ’ads from being subjected to a fact-finding review.

Twitter last year banned political ads, but Facebook said it did not want to ban political speech.

Biden's campaign
Last month, Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee in the US election, published an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calling on the company to investigate political ads on Facebook in the two weeks before the election.

Biden's digital director Rob Flaherty campaigned in a tweet on Twitter about what he described as a phenomenon of media misinformation in the free content posted on Facebook.

Facebook has angered a number of its employees and members of the US Congress in the past few weeks because of its decision not to address the postings of President Donald Trump described incitement, especially in the face of protests condemning the abuse of African Americans and rejecting police violence.

More than 900 advertising companies signed a statement to boycott the advertisement on Facebook, to pressure the world's largest website to take concrete actions to stop hate speech and media misinformation, after the murder of George Floyd of African-American in May 2020 while he was detained from Party of the Minneapolis City Police.