• Paloma Cuevas, before Enrique Ponce's rumors of infidelity: "Ask him"
  • Ana Soria, Enrique Ponce's new partner, breaks her silence: "Many lies are being told"

Today's Cinderellas no longer lose shoes, they follow on Instagram the celebrities they admire in the hope of a like that will open the doors to something else and, incidentally , they wear virtual palm hearts in bikini, with suggestive poses in case a suitable brand their take off as influencers , the dream of many twenties. A profile that seems to fit perfectly with the one who has suddenly become the most requested girl of the summer, Ana Soria Moreno, a beautiful 21-year-old blonde from Almería, after uncovering her relationship with the bullfighter Enrique Ponce, 27 years older.

To the right-hander, until the bombing of his separation jumped ten days ago, he was believed to be happily married to Paloma Cuevas , although the reality is that the marriage was not as perfect as it seemed and he had been living separate lives for at least two years, with what which the young girl from Almería does not seem to have broken, except for appearances.

Ponce himself, after his joint statement with Paloma Cuevas published this past Monday in which he confirmed their friendly separation, openly acknowledged his feelings for the very young and spectacular Ana, first in Sálvame and later in the magazine Semana , revealing that they had met only seven months ago through friends and not a year and a half ago, as was said at first.

But in the midst of the media avalanche that drags the bullfighter, his still wife, who has been the cover of the last number of Hello!, His current girlfriend and their respective environments, another character appeared to feed the soap opera more, an ex-boyfriend Ana's footballer named Jordi, who also intervened in Sálvame , (supposedly, since his voice was distorted) assuring that in 2018, when they were still dating, Ana, whom he defined as a "spoiled girl" who likes " posture ", he was already on social networks who was his bullfighting idol and mutual likes were lavished . Which, if true, does not mean that they only had their first meeting a few months ago or that they continued to be in contact on the networks afterwards.

What does seem, according to her environment, is that Ana Soria is overwhelmed by this sudden bath of fame, and although they say that she cherished the dream of being a model, now she should not have anything clear, as demonstrated by her contradictory behavior on Instagram. The profile that opened in April already in full romance with Ponce, where, emulating Mar Torres, Froilán's ex wore a great body in a bikini and posed in model ways, was private, and had only 500 followers compared to 60 in a row, among them bullfighter.

When the first journalistic rumors of its existence emerged with the initials AS, he decided to open it and 7,000 followers sneaked into him. He closed it, but after Ponce confirmed the relationship this Monday, he reopened it, adding in just 24 hours 30,000 new followers, after which he decided to delete himself from Instagram not without first denouncing the proliferation of his false profiles, although he has reopened it again.

The reality is that, for this affluent middle-class family from provinces that are the Soria, suddenly becoming the target of glossy paper and talk, not only of Almería, but of all of Spain, has been a cataclysm. The father, Federico Soria Fortes, is a lawyer and has his own law firm in Calle Almería, Doctor Aráez y Pacheco, specialized in commercial and damages law. Fifth of seven brothers, five women and two men, the best known of the Soria is José Juan, who was a traffic councilor at the City Council and organizes rallies of vintage cars.


Ana's mother, Rosa Moreno del Rosal , studied Law in Granada, like her daughter now, but finally opted for aesthetics. Until 2016, she was listed as the administrator of two clinics in the Andalusian city, Almería Dermatology and Derma-healthy skin, which also sold cosmetic products . Currently she works with her husband in the office, which they intend to inherit their two children, Ana and José, the youngest, both law students, like their parents.

The couple resides with their children in a single-family house in Almería, they have a house in Mojácar, in the Torre del Mar urbanization, which has a golf course where, according to what has been published, the bullfighter was invited by the Soria family three weeks ago.

Ana studies third in Law at the University of Granada, where she has a reputation as a "cannon" among the boys, and it seems that she is applied, because she has not missed any course. In addition to law and fashion, she loves horse riding, even as a child she participated in competitions. And, of course, the bulls, a hobby he shares with his entire family, including his maternal grandfather, José Luis Moreno, owner of the Renta Todo group, a company dedicated to the rental of tents, stands and accessories for events and also to the sale of household appliances , although he is retired and the business is run by his children.

He was the first of the family to speak for Telecinco and confirm his granddaughter's relationship with Ponce, assuring that he was very happy because his granddaughter's happiness "could be there". In addition, he described the bullfighter as an "exceptional person" and does not seem to care that he is much older than his granddaughter.

For the moment, Ana has not been released with any exclusive, although she did send a message to Rafa Mora to get out of the lies that, according to her, are being told, where she stressed that her sentimental approach to Enrique Ponce has not been tied to money, neither to fame nor to interest because, he said: "I don't need it".

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