Kazakhstan's Ministry of Health issued a statement on social media on the 10th, saying that some Chinese media's accounts of unidentified pneumonia cases in Kazakhstan are inconsistent with the facts.

  Kazakh Minister of Health Alexei Choi said that the World Health Organization classified pneumonia as bacterial, fungal and viral, including the unexplained virality specified in the International Classification of Diseases and Causes of Death 10th Edition pneumonia. The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan believes that the current viral pneumonia with unknown etiology still belongs to the pneumonia category defined by WHO. Therefore, to call it "unknown pneumonia" lacks a theoretical basis. Currently, Kazakh medical institutions are examining the causes of confirmed cases other than new coronary pneumonia.

  On the 9th, Chinese media quoted Kazakh media reports that a kind of unknown pneumonia with a high fatality rate is prevalent in Kazakhstan. As early as June 29th, Kazakh immunology expert Rafael Rogerson said in an interview with the national media that in addition to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the cause of another type of pneumonia that is currently circulating is not clear. No COVID-19 virus has been detected in patients with this type of pneumonia. "The reason cannot be confirmed 100%, but 99.999% is still a new corona virus," Rogerson said.

  On the 9th, Kazakh Health Minister Alexei Choi informed the media that the incidence of domestic pneumonia in the first half of this year increased by about 50% compared with the same period in 2019, and a total of 98546 cases were diagnosed. (Headquarters reporter Wang Delu)