If you buy a mango in the United Arab Emirates, the service to pick up a supercar is said to be popular.

It's called a service made by a fruit company, <Oh! Click> The last search term is'Testing a Supercar if you buy a mango'.

This fruit company in Dubai is offering a supercar test drive to customers buying mangoes.

The minimum order amount is 100 dirham, and if we buy a mango for a little over 30,000 won with our money, we can deliver the mango and of course, we can test about 400 million won of supercars.

Yashin, the president of the company, also helps increase sales, but he said he wanted to give small fun to his neighbors, who couldn't go out and spend their daily life free of charge with Corona 19. Yashin's predictions were correct.

This supercar test drive was well-received and began word-of-mouth and sales more than doubled.

In particular, it is said that many parents order mangoes for children because they are popular with young children who have never had a chance to see a supercar. Would you like to order every day?"

(Source: Facebook Pakistan Super Market)