In Sweden, the number of dollar millionaires increased from 129,000 to 142,000 between 2018 and 2019, according to the new World Wealth Report. This is the highest number since the annual report began to be published 24 years ago.

Sweden is at the top

According to the report, Sweden climbs two placements in comparison with 2018 and ends up in position 23 over most dollar millionaires in the world

"Households in Sweden have a lot of assets on the stock exchanges in the form of pension savings," says Daniel Waldenström, professor of economics at the Institute for Business Research

More and more millionaires in the world

Globally, the number of dollar millionaires increased and their wealth grew by nine percent in 2019. Now, however, uncertain times are expected due to the global corona crisis.

- The bang in the longer term will be big. Unemployment will rise and pensions will not rise at the same rate, says Daniel Waldenström.