China News Agency, Kathmandu, July 9 (Reporter Zhang Chenyi) Nepalese cable operator announced on the 9th that it will immediately ban all Indian news channels except Doordarshan from being broadcast in Nilang.

  As a result, Nepalese users who rely on the above operators to provide television signals will not be able to watch most of the Indian news channels.

  Sharma, head of Nepal’s Max Digital Television, said that we banned these Indian news channels because after the recent dispute between Nigeria and India, they continually spread news that endangered Nepal’s sovereignty and dignity.

  In response to such reports by some Indian media, the Nepal government spokesman Kativada said on the 9th that we urge the relevant media not to undermine Nepal’s sovereignty and dignity.

  The Nepali Prime Minister’s foreign affairs adviser Batrai said on his Twitter account that after the release of the new territory map in Nepal, some Indian media news reports about the Nepalese government and the Prime Minister are fabricated and false. We condemn this .

  On June 18 this year, the Second Amendment to the Constitution of Nepal came into effect, aiming to bring the three regions including Kalapani, Lipu Lekh and Limpiyadhura to the west. The territory map of Xinjiang is fixed in the form of laws, and a new national layout shape is used in various national badges.

  The three regions mentioned above are the focus of the territorial dispute between Nepal and India, and both countries have declared sovereignty over these three regions. (Finish)