Today, Thursday, almost half a million students are getting admission. And the increased pressure means that there is a shortage of student housing in several parts of the country.

In a survey of the Student Housing Companies, seven out of eight student cities state that there is a lack of housing for autumn students. Only in Växjö are there student housing for those who need.

- There is an extra big concern in the student housing market this year, says Stina Olén, CEO of the Student Housing Companies

Increased number of training places

The concern is that the university will be expanded with more study places, while there is uncertainty about the international students.

- How many are they and when will they come? We do not know that, says Stina Olén

This year, the number of educational places in the country is increasing by 1,300. Last year, the sex of a student accommodation in Malmö was 50 for weeks, 10 weeks longer than in Lund.

- We currently have about 2,500 student housing in Malmö and 12,000 full-time students at Malmö University, says Zeynep Erdal, student coordinator in Malmö.

In Malmö, an action plan has recently been pushed to try to improve the housing situation for students.