The American Fox News Network quoted unnamed sources accusing the UAE of obstructing an agreement reached last week with American mediation to solve the Gulf crisis.

The network said that the agreement to end the siege of Qatar began last week at hand after a series of discussions and meetings in which senior officials in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States and the UAE participated.

She indicated that she knew that the UAE had changed its position at the last minute, and asked Saudi Arabia to stop the US-backed proposal to solve the crisis.

And the network considered that the UAE's position deprived the administration of President Donald Trump of achieving a decisive achievement in foreign policy, and strengthening its position against Iran.

She pointed out that the agreement would have opened the Gulf airspace to Qatar Airways and would consequently deprive Iran of 133 million dollars in financial revenues that Tehran receives annually in exchange for Qatar Airways transit in its airspace.

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that the Trump administration was pressing Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to stop the embargo they imposed on Qatar Airways aircraft in their airspace.

The newspaper said that Trump pressed personally - in a telephone conversation with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - to end the air embargo that compels planes flying to Doha, in most cases, to fly over Iran, a move that gives Tehran a source of funding that the United States wants to cut.