German police announced Thursday the start of an investigation against a suspected Egyptian spy working for Chancellor Angela Merkel's press service . The man is suspected "of having worked for years for an Egyptian intelligence service," German Internal Intelligence stressed in a report, adding that the investigation opened in December 2019 "continues" today.

He did not give information about his identity or what has happened to him in recent months, and spoke only of "measures" taken by the police against him.

According to the German newspaper Bild, the man is an employee of the German civil service "intermediate degree", hierarchically at a higher level than those who are just starting, but who is not part of high positions.

He worked in the visiting service of the German federal press center, the Bundespresseamt, a service specially responsible for communication about the activities of the chancellery. This case is therefore uncomfortable for Merkel.

In this context, the alleged spy was in charge of receiving visitors. According to Bild, he could have thereby monitored Egyptian journalists.

According to the German Internal Intelligence report, both the Egyptian Foreign Espionage Service (GIS) and the Internal Intelligence Service (NSS) are active in Germany.

Its objective is to obtain information about opponents of the Egyptian regime of President Abdel Fattah al Sisi living in Germany, especially supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood brotherhood , which has been banned since 2013 in the Arab country. They are also interested in members of the Coptic Christian community and try to recruit Egyptians as spies.

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