The announcement of a local restaurant in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, that it had offered a "sandwich burger" at a price of up to 3 thousand dirhams, sparked a wave of resentment and ridicule among hundreds of citizens on social media platforms, who agreed that this price is exaggerated, and can not be accepted in any way , And they also agreed that advertising might be a "marketing hoax" from restaurant owners to attract attention and attract customers.  

 A video clip of a citizen inside a restaurant has recently spread on a social media platform, in which he announces the introduction of a "sandwich" of "burger" meat at a price of 3 thousand dirhams, claiming that it is the most expensive and best in the Middle East, because it consists of a special Australian beef, prepared with mixtures Secrecy.

On the other hand, the reactions of the citizens who received this announcement varied, between resenting the high price, and mocked the whole idea, as an account holder said: “They said, tighten your tricks, settle projects, and strive ... but how do you sell a burger for 3,000 dirhams? As another said: “Believe me, receiving and having hands to buy .. The Arabs said in wisdom (if people were forbidden to break the hair, they opened it”), while a third asserted that the widespread advertisement does not suggest that the restaurant is a delicacy or offers a different eating experience, and the advertiser is an unknown person, and rudimentary photography.

Comments continued on the advertisement, with a comment by a citizen saying: "It is clear that the person is making advertisement for the restaurant, and he wants this video to achieve wide spread without getting tired or expensive, and it seems that he has succeeded, because then everyone knows his shop, and I do not think that he offers burgers at this price."

And this is what the account holder endorsed, surely that the whole matter is propaganda only to gain a number of fans and know the restaurant.

While the most prominent sarcastic comments on the announcement were, what one of the accounts said: “The idea is sweet, selling three sandwiches, and closing the rest of the month .. They want the winnings in my turn .. hot, bean,” as another said: “By saying that this cow only eats the grass that You are watered by rain water in the Netherlands, and you cannot sleep except for calm music.

Another denounced, "Can a burger be golden?"

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