• 'Case Dina'.PP and Cs see "intolerable" that Pablo Iglesias "attack critical journalists" and believe that Pedro Sánchez endorses it with his silence
  • EU: Citizens denounce Podemos to the European Commission for its attacks on the media

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has appealed to the intervention of Pedro Sánchez before the attempt to "naturalize crimes" by his vice-president Pablo Iglesias linked to the investigation of the Dina case . Casado has warned of the possible crime of "extortion of women" due to the disappearance of the telephone card of the former collaborator of the leader of Podemos. "Journalism is essential in a rule of law," he stressed in his penultimate electoral act in the Basque Country to support the PP and Citizens coalition candidate, Carlos Iturgaiz.

Casado has denounced that up to three members of the Government remained silent during the attacks by Pablo Iglesias on journalists who have disclosed information about the investigation of the Dina case , which he already calls the Iglesias case but that could become the Sánchez case if the Prime Minister continues to endorse its second vice president.

Criticism of Iglesias and defense of the work of the media have completed the warning to moderate Basque voters about the role of Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu as a guarantor of Iglesias in the Government. "I ask Urkullu whose side he is on," Casado said after visiting the biotech company Viralgen located in San Sebastián.

The PP tries to regain the vote of the center right that in the last elections has rewarded the institutional image of Urkullu and Casado has launched into the ring to question the potential of the Lehendakari to attract a traditional vote of the PP. The PP leader has warned that the PNV is "a partner of Frankenstein" for keeping Iglesias as Executive Vice President and has given as an example the five measures against the occupations that in Euskadi have generated mobilizations of neighbors to recover homes in middle-class neighborhoods .

In addition, Casado has appealed to defended that the vote to the PP and C's coalition is "useful, necessary, strong and influential", as an appeal to counteract the foreseeable high abstention and the effect that especially in Álava may have the support for the lists from Vox.

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