(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) New French Prime Minister: If there is a second wave of epidemics, comprehensive closure measures will not be taken

  China News Agency, Paris, July 8 (Reporter Li Yang) The new French Prime Minister Castel was first interviewed by the media after the new government was released on the 8th local time, saying that if there is a second wave of new coronary pneumonia, it will no longer take a comprehensive closure Measures.

  Castel said in an interview on the French BFM TV that day, his government's goal is to prepare France for the second wave of the epidemic, while maintaining daily life as far as possible not to be disrupted by the epidemic, especially economic and social life.

  Castel said that if there is a second wave of outbreaks, France will not implement comprehensive closure measures as in March this year. People already know that the economic and human consequences of full closures are "catastrophic."

  Castel revealed that in response to the second wave of the epidemic, a new closure plan has been formulated. At that time, the commercial facilities will be closed or the home isolation will be "located" to a specific area to replace the comprehensive closure of the city.

  After the outbreak of the French epidemic, the official announced that a series of control measures such as the closure of the city will be implemented from March 17th. The vast majority of public places are closed to the outside world, and public travel is strictly restricted. Until June 22, when France entered the third phase of "unblocking", most of the control measures were lifted, but large gatherings were still restricted, and some public places were still not open.

  Castel also warned that the new coronavirus still exists. He said that he would personally go to French Guiana on the 12th to inspect the local situation of fighting the epidemic. The outbreak of French Guiana in South America has not yet been brought under control, which has caused external concerns.

  The Ministry of Health recently reported 124 new confirmed cases in French Guiana in a single day, and the total number of confirmed cases reached nearly 5,200. The French government has deployed dozens of medical staff from the French mainland to strengthen the anti-epidemic work in local hospitals.

  Castel was appointed Prime Minister by President Macron to lead the new government, seeking to restore France from the worst health and economic crisis since World War II. Castel admits that the tasks involved are arduous.

  The French economy has been hit hard by the epidemic, and the new government is expected to take further measures to prevent mass unemployment. The latest economic forecast released by the French National Bureau of Statistics on the 8th shows that the French economy will shrink 9% this year.

  Castel said that after negotiations with the union this week, he has proposed to increase the treatment of medical staff, the corresponding total amount of investment is 7.5 billion euros. The union said that the monthly salary of medical staff will be increased by 180 euros, but it has not met the requirements of the union to increase the monthly salary by 300 euros. (Finish)