Draft “Bone Policy” Making digitalization of administration a top priority issue 18:32, July 8

At the government's Economic and Fiscal Advisory Council, the original plan of "bone policy" of the fact that the new coronavirus infection spread was presented. Prime Minister Abe said, "By establishing a "new everyday", we aim to realize a high-quality economic society."

At the meeting, the basic policy of the government's economic and financial management and reform, the so-called “bold policy”, was presented.

Among them, it was pointed out that the spread of the new coronavirus spread the delay in the digitization of society as a whole, and first of all, the government's digitization is the top priority.

Positioning the next year as the period of intensive reform, administrative procedures will be made online, and revisions will be made to eliminate the need for documents and seals.

In addition, we are aiming to create a “multilateral cooperation” nation that aims to revitalize the region by rectifying the over-concentration of Tokyo, and promoting the diversification of the supply chain in Japan and overseas.

On the other hand, regarding fiscal reconstruction, we did not touch on the goal of turning the basic fiscal balance into the black in FY2025. To do."

Prime Minister Abe said, "The policy of Koshino Bone is based on the sense of urgency that whether or not to implement drastic social reforms will influence the future. Through the establishment of "new daily life," We aim to realize a high economic society."

Based on this draft, the government will coordinate with the ruling party and will make a decision next week in a cabinet meeting.