An Indian police officer stabbed by the monsters' death has passed away, helping the investigation to the very end.

Foreigners, such as Indian NDTV, on Thursday (local time) reported that suspects in the murder that killed two Haryana police officers were caught thanks to a special'clue'.

The 28-year-old policeman Lavinder Singh and the 43-year-old Captain Singh, a special police officer, were found dead on the 30th of last month bleeding. Fellow police officers were in grief, but the investigation was difficult because no evidence remained on the scene.

However, during the autopsy of two police officers, a strange trace was found in the palm of Mr. Lavinder's palm. These were numbers written crooked with a ballpoint pen. It turns out that Mr. Lavinder had the suspect's vehicle number and recorded it in the palm of his hand before he completely lost his consciousness.

The police looked up the number and found all six people involved in the case. The other five were arrested by the police, except for the one who died in protest during the arrest. Police chief Yadaba Manoji said, "The brave police officer showed great police qualities until shortly before he died."

Police investigations revealed that Mr. Lavinder and Captan were stabbed while arresting suspects who had been drinking on the street without following the curfew. The suspects got into the car and fled to another area shortly after the crime, but were caught.

Police say they will give a posthumous medal to Mr. Lavinder, who has left the last clue.

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(Photo = NDTV website capture)