The beekeepers themselves have to keep track of whether the mites have been acquired in their beekeepers and rush to treat - otherwise the bee communities die, says Erik Heedman.

The Varroak meadow first came to Gotland in the late 1980s and then spread across the country. The meadow moves five to ten kilometers a year, about as far as bees move. But now it is a matter of greater hope in the distance and here Erik Heedman thinks that growers have been careless.

- It is beekeepers who have ignored the regulations that exist. For example, you should have permission to move your bees.

Want to find a tribe that can resist

Today, attempts are being made to obtain bees that have the mite naturally so as to obtain a stem that stands against the varroa mite.

- Those who grow bee queens try to find bees that can naturally keep down the amount of mites in the bee communities. Then they breed on them and try to get bees that can handle this naturally. At present, we must treat with organic acids that are normally found in bee communities but at lower levels.