Yesterday (7th) US Secretary of State Vegan, who arrived in Korea yesterday, starts today's official visit to Korea, starting with consultations with foreign officials. In the morning, it is known that a message will be sent to North Korea through a press conference.

This is reporter Kim Hye-young.


Yesterday, the vice minister of Korea visited Korea and stayed at Osan Air Force Base for more than 6 hours and was examined by Corona 19.

Only after all of the parties received a voice confirmation, the entry process was actually completed.

Vice Minister Vegan will visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this morning to prevent Minister Kang Kyung-hwa and discuss with Minister Se-young Cho and Do-hoon Lee.

Vice Minister Vegan will also send a message to North Korea this morning through a separate informal press conference.

There are many observations that it will be more of a situation management that promotes dialogue with North Korea and supports the development of inter-Korean relations, rather than the so-called'new counting' level of provocations North Korea wants.

I am also interested in taking a position regarding the Korea-US Working Group and our diplomatic and security change.

In summary, it is expected to avoid mentioning criticisms related to the working group that appear in North Korea as well as parts of passports.

The US State Department's reckless press release also stated that North Korea's final and complete denuclearization coordination aims to make it possible to interpret whether the North Korean message was focused on or on the US-ROK agreement.

The vice-secretary is going to go to Japan in the afternoon after meeting with the Chief of Security at Cheong Wa Dae in the morning.