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In 2014, Andoni Ortuzar, president of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) published a tweet in which he said: "I would rather that my daughters go to Germany before than to Spain. We have to aspire for sons to get better. And to return to Euskadi ". He was talking about Garazi and Maddalen, his two scions, which according to himself he details on the official PNV website, make him "lose the papers." When he talks about them, he assures, "the level of the Cantabrian rises with the amount of slime that I detach. But the truth is that they are two 'sorginas' who cajole anyone. Too bad I can't be with them as much as I would like "

Despite his father's wishes, Garazi ended up going to Madrid from Bilbao to study journalism. In the capital of Spain, he has given free rein to his 'instagramer' facet with an assortment of sexy and / or light clothing photos, among other images that have made him reach almost 25,000 'followers'.

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In Madrid he has also dedicated himself to giving private classes in Spanish language and literature , as reflected in his profile on the portal tusclasesparticulares.com.

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In his instagram profile there are abundant mentions to his father, with whom he appears in loving photographs or dedicating messages of support. "Thank you for trusting me in silence," he says in a 'post' on March 2. "For teaching me what really matters, for being faithful to your ideals and pursuing them to the end and making me want to follow your example even with different principles and ideas, for setting limits even knowing that I was going to skip them, also for making me See that the most important decisions are the ones you like the least, but the ones you make the best. For being a father but also a friend, for your knowing how to be and even your nonsense on the sofa at home, for holding and fixing, quarreling and caring, listening and hesitating, for being you, and making me be me by erasing everything and having to rewrite it 30 times until I squeeze the best version of me. And a final coda: "I love you more than anyone else in this world and in all those that exist, you are my greatest source of inspiration, Mr. Andoni."

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