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Red satin shorts: here is Elon Musk's answer to his detractors. The billionaire regularly makes fun of speculators who bet on the Tesla debacle on the stock market by "shorting" the action, a practice which consists in short selling a share by betting on the fall of the prices. To make fun of them a little more, he has just sold these famous shorts on the site of the electric vehicle manufacturer.

Limited edition short shorts now available at https://t.co/5EmNcTBvJv

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 5, 2020

Already out of stock

"Take advantage of the exceptional comfort provided by the ringing of the Wall Street fence," details the description of the garment, offered since Sunday but already out of stock on Monday.

On the front appears the logo of the company in golden embroidery while on the buttocks is affixed the inscription "S3XY", a reference to the models of Tesla cars.

It is sold symbolically at $ 69,420, the association of the sex number 69 and the number 420, a popular reference to cannabis as well as the price per share that Elon Musk had proposed on Twitter in the summer of 2018 to withdraw the group. of the Stock Exchange. This message, which had jumped the title on Wall Street, had earned him the admonition of the stock market authorities.

Tesla share explodes on the stock market

The whimsical boss regularly mocks on Twitter investors who think that the company is far too expensive on Wall Street and bets on his fall by placing orders called "short" in English.

That does not prevent Tesla from exploding on the Stock Exchange, where the group last week became the most expensive car manufacturer in the world by overtaking the world number one in the Toyota sector, while it sells far fewer cars.

Elon Musk, considered as a visionary but also as an unpredictable boss, had already made fun of the "shorters" by promising them the confection of the famous shorts. He also proposed to send a few to the American Stock Market Supervisory Commission, ironically renamed the "Speculators Enrichment Commission", "to comfort them in these difficult times".


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