In Brazil, the country with the largest number of corona19 confirmed after the United States, the president was judged positive. He usually refused to wear a mask, saying that Corona 19 is a light flu, but he said it was okay to take off the mask even during an interview to announce the fact of his infection.

Reporter Park Ha-jung reports.

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press conference, President Bosonaru, who had accused the media of exaggerating fears despite the pouring of 30,000 corona patients every day in Brazil, reported at a press conference.

[President Bowsonaru/Brazil: Everyone knew that sooner or later important people would get Corona19. For example, many people like me. If I hadn't been tested, I wouldn't have known positive results.]

President Bowsonaru has been tested for cough and high fever since the 5th. He said he had taken hydroxychloroquine, a drug for malaria, that he had no abnormalities in the lungs.

He also emphasized that Corona 19 had no reason to fear because he was in very good shape.

In the meantime, Corona 19 was expressed as a light flu, and it was controversial by shaking hands and embracing with supporters without a mask.

[Bosonnaru/Brazilian President: You can see my face. Anyone want to see my face. I am okay.]

As President Bonsonaru was confirmed, the family, staff, and ministers, as well as the Ambassador of the United States, who had a luncheon on the 4th of Independence Day, were tested for corona.

Brazil is currently the world's second largest victim of corona19, with more than 1.6 million confirmed and 65,000 dead.