A voice of criticism has emerged about the politicians sending harmonies and early days as a group organization to the poor mother of Ahn Hee-jeong, the former governor of Chungnam Province.

The National Assembly Femi, a group of female members in the National Assembly, issued a statement yesterday (6th) and said, "An is no longer Governor of Chungnam Province. You should not pay tribute in the name of the government, political parties, or ministries."

The group claimed, "President Moon Jae-in, Chairman of the National Assembly, Park Byung-suk, Democratic Party leader Lee Hae-chan and Democratic Party leader Kim Tae-nyeon were in harmony with the mother's mother's vacancy, and many politicians sent early to fill the gap." It is natural to share the sadness by personally finding the mother image of a colleague who has worked together for a long time, but "it is not to establish a harmony and earlyness with public blood and donations of the public".

The group also pointed out that politics could reveal its status and affiliation and express condolences, which could be interpreted as linking to the political lottery of the governor, who is imprisoned for sexually assaulting a performance secretary. The group emphasized in the statement, "Political power can never deny responsibility for shaping Ahn Hee-jung's'power', and he has a duty to make a fair and safe country by realizing social justice."

On the same day, the Justice Party criticized the politicians who gave harmony to my former governor's mother-in-law.

Spokesperson Cho Hye-min said, "The Governor An's case is a sexual violence incident from a leading politician. "Everyone with political power felt a sense of responsibility, and the Democratic Party also expressed their willingness to reflect. I can't."

In particular, President Moon Jae-in said, “What do you mean by acting in harmony with the position of the Democratic Party leader, the president of the House, and the president?” , I am concerned that it will not be seen as a "solidarity of politics that does not endure sexual violence," in Korean society."

Governor Ahn, who was handed over to the court for charges of sexual assault on his own secretary, was sentenced to three years and six months in prison at the Gwangju Prison in September last year. The execution period for the execution of the governor's sentence by the Ministry of Justice for special parental leave was until 9 pm on the 9th.

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(Photo = Yonhap News,'National Assembly Femi' Facebook)