• 'Dina Case'. The Podemos lawyers' conversation: "The party wants to put together the movie that it was a robbery, they are crazy"
  • Analysis: The shot by the butt of Pablo Iglesias in the 'Dina case'
  • We can. The 'Dina case' uncovers six years of internal 'sewers'

Vox management spokesman, Jorge Buxdé MEP, has announced that his training will ask to appear as an accusation in the judicial investigation of the theft of the mobile card to Dina Bousselham, the former assistant of Pablo Iglesias, which is known as' Dina 'case and that is part of one of the pieces about the illicit activities of Commissioner Villarejo. In his opinion, it is in justice where the leader of Podemos must explain himself and not in a commission of Congress.

Vox has already filed a complaint against Pablo Iglesias before the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, charging up to six crimes in this case, but now he wants to take another step and appear as an accusation in the proceedings instructed by Judge Manuel García Castellón of the National Court.

He has also questioned Iglesias' version of the fact that he retained the stolen card to "protect" his adviser, which according to Vox shows that the Podemos leader treats women "with absolute contempt" and from a position of "dominance". "

According to Buxadé, the Vice President of the Government must answer this case in court and reject the claim of Podemos to derive the appearance of Churches in Congress within an investigative commission that also quotes the last PP government and journalists.

Commission on the King Emeritus

In his opinion, the purple party has launched a campaign "against the freedom of the press", but the functions of Congress are not to investigate the media or the opposition, but to control the government's action. For that same "respect for the institutions" Vox maintains its refusal to investigate King Juan Carlos I: "Our position does not change. The refusal to this commission of investigation is out of respect for the institutions, and above all the rest, the responsibilities.

Buxadé has also taken advantage of the press conference to contrast the support of the journalistic profession against the attacks by Podemos against informants and that instead his deputy Rocío De Meer did not defend herself when she was stoned on a rally in Sestao.

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