China News Agency, Berlin, July 6th (Reporter Peng Dawei) The China News Agency reporter learned from the Berlin Zoo on the 6th that the twins born in Germany, "Dream" and "Dream Circle", are growing well and currently weigh 22 kg. After the new crown epidemic has reduced the length of the week for tourists to visit, the twins have resumed their daily public appearance at the Berlin Zoo Giant Panda Pavilion at the end of June.

  "Dream" and "Dream Circle", which are now 10 months old, are the first pair of panda cubs born in Germany. Their parents, the Sichuan Panda "Mengmeng" and "Jiaoqing" arrived in Berlin in June 2017. On August 31, 2019, "Mengmeng" gave birth to the twins.

  A China News Agency reporter asked the Berlin Zoo about the status of the family of four giant pandas on May 13 and learned that the weight of "dream" and "dream circle" was about 19 kilograms. According to the garden, the weight of the two giant pandas has reached 22 kg. As 10-month-old juvenile giant pandas, their tooth development is close to that of adult giant pandas. The twins currently mainly drink milk every day and also start eating bamboo. The garden said that after adulthood, a giant panda can eat up to 20 kg of fresh bamboo every day.

  The Berlin Zoo said on the same day that due to the weak ability of young giant pandas to regulate their body temperature in summer, the garden rebuilt a cool enough "playground" for them for two giant pandas to climb and play with. The director of the Berlin Zoo, Kelirim, said that this would allow the two giant panda brothers to have a new climbing and sleeping place in the summer months.

  At the end of April this year, the Berlin Zoo reopened to the outside world. However, in order to avoid a large number of tourists from gathering, the park only allowed visitors to book tickets online in advance, and closed the panda pavilion to the public on weekends and holidays. On the 6th of this month, the Berlin Zoo officially announced the opening of on-site ticket purchases, but visitors are still required to maintain a human distance of 1.5 meters. (Finish)