The British Telegraph asserts that no force on earth is now able to hold Facebook accountable, be it a legislative body, a law enforcement agency or a watchdog.

And you see that the US Congress and the European Union failed to punish the giant of social media platforms, as Facebook Group shares rose again, after the FTC fined it a record fine of $ 5 billion, for its role in the case of selling data to millions of users, famous for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

And she adds that the boycott campaign launched by major brands, such as Unilever, Coca Cola, Starbucks and others against Facebook, if it succeeds, it will only be the secret of its success that it targeted the only thing the blue giant understands, that is, the logic of profits, and if it fails The matter will turn into a new milestone in the company's path.

A UN report confirmed that Facebook played a "crucial role" in inciting the killing of Rohingya Muslims (Reuters)


The Telegraph believes that Facebook is not just a platform but rather a lethal weapon, which facilitated an attack by a foreign force on the American presidential elections, and transmitted a live broadcast of the massacres of New Zealand mosques to millions across the world, but rather helped in the crime of genocide.

A UN report confirmed that using Facebook played a "crucial role" in inciting hatred and violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, killing tens of thousands and fleeing hundreds of thousands from the specter of death.

Far from any laws or censorship, the newspaper sees that Facebook invades the homes of 2.6 billion people, and it is vulnerable to penetration by secret agents working for countries, as it is an open laboratory for groups that sometimes praise the "Holocaust" or delude you at other times that generation technology The fifth Telecom "5G" (5G) will destroy your brainwaves during sleep.

She adds that people sometimes say that if Facebook is a country, it will be bigger than China, but this analogy is wrong. If Facebook was a country, it would be a "rogue state", it would be North Korea. Nor is it a pistol or a gun, but a nuclear weapon.

The British newspaper says that Mark Zuckerberg is a tyranny, a dictatorship and a world empire governed by one person, who simply - despite the clarity of evidence and the severity of the damage he caused - simply preferred to ignore his critics around the world.

Quite the contrary, the company has continued to pump "irrational" propaganda, despite being the first controller in the main news distribution channels in the world. In the same way that the people of North Korea cannot move outside of their country, it is now almost impossible for a person to live a life far from Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

In this context, then, the #StopHateForProfit Campaign, where 6 human rights organizations in America called on major companies to stop their Facebook ads temporarily this July, came after the company refused to remove a post from President Donald Trump In it he threatened violence against the demonstrators of the "Blacks Life is Important" campaign, in which he said, "When the looting begins ... the shooting begins."

A threat to democracy

The newspaper stresses that the Facebook dilemma extends beyond the United States alone, despite the possible repercussions of the current boycott campaign on the results of the US presidential elections in November, as its effects and global damages and its threat to democracy are an "existential" threat.

She adds that it is not accidental, for example, that 3 of the worst-affected countries in the emerging coronavirus are countries headed by populist leaders who have exploited Facebook's ability to spread lies widely, and they are Trump, Gayer Bolsonaro (Brazil) and Boris Johnson (Britain).

The Telegraph believes that Mark Zuckerberg is not North Korea's President Kim Jong-un, but rather much stronger, as he was quoted last week as telling some of his employees, "I think all of these advertisers (boycotters) will return to us soon."

American media sources also confirm that although about 500 companies have joined the current boycott campaign, the matter will only cause a decrease of 5% of the company’s profits .. So it seems - according to the newspaper - that Facebook is not only greater than China but greater than all of capitalism.