"Everything goes forward, we must not forget the way we traveled;

Going further, to a glorious future,

Nor can we forget the past

Can't forget why you set off. "

——Xi Jinping


At the conference celebrating the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

General Secretary Xi Jinping issued

"Do not forget the original intention and move on"

Great call

Jiaxing South Lake

A red land full of stories

Jinggangshan where the sparks of the stars shine


Every gaze is a look back on history

Full of affection for the red land

Every time you stop and listen, you feel your heart

Full of nostalgia for the revolutionary martyrs

The red footprint is the footsteps of the pursuit

Answer the proposition of the times without forgetting the original intention

Where to come from, where to go

The Chinese Communist Party has its "source" and "root"

General Secretary Xi Jinping said

Site of the First Congress of the Shanghai Party

Jiaxing South Lake Red Boat

Is where our party dreams to set sail

From the 1st CCP to the 19th CPC National Congress

From boat to giant ship

Ride the wind and waves all the way

Sail towards the glorious shore

Go further

To a glorious future

Can't forget the past

Can't forget why you left

Pursue the roots of the party

Do not change the original heart of the Communists

Anchor coordinates and lock course in the new era

Open the stormy red chapter

Draw strength in history

General Secretary Xi Jinping returned to Xibaipo many times

Come with reverence every time

Walk with many thoughts

Chinese Revolutionary History

Is the best nutrient

Is the best textbook

Nourish the soul and baptize the spirit

Firm public servant awareness and feelings for the people

Across time and space

Review "Two Musts"

Heavy baton

Glory, expectation, responsibility

Pursue the great spirit

Draw on the inexhaustible momentum to move forward

Drinking its fluids

General Secretary's Thoughts on "Long March Source"

From the beginning of the heart to Park Zhicheng

It's about revolutionary ideals above the sky

The source of life is the people

The source of strength is the people

The source of success is the people

Live in the same boat with the people, live and die together

The people are willing to give up everything

Give full support and support

Endured setbacks

And rise up again and again

Long March victory inspires us

A political party has lofty ideals and lofty pursuits

Will be invincible and invincible

There is faith in my heart and strength under my feet

Pursue ideals and beliefs

Continue to drive

The towering Jinggangshan tells the story of the hero

General Secretary Xi Jinping respects and advocates heroes

Bow deeply again and again

Looking up affectionately again and again

Remember the heroes

Recall the past

The motherland is the most solid backing of the people

Heroes are the brightest coordinates of the nation

To commemorate is to move forward better

Heroes of the Peacetime

It's white armor retrograde

Is a must for green camouflage

Is the red party flag in charge

Is the creator of history-the people

Stand at a new historical starting point

Looking back at the years of flames

Red genes are spread

General Secretary Xi Jinping advised

Let the red gene melt into the blood

Let the red spirit inspire power

The republic is red

Can't fade this color

New China's red mountains

It's red with blood, it's from life

The magnificent building of socialism

It was built by struggle, built by struggle

Pursuing the Red Power

Not only contains the spirit code of the party

Also marked the spiritual road sign of struggle

A great expedition to awaken the people

More frustrated and more courageous

A great epic for humanity in pursuit of truth and light

Pride and arousal

In the mind of the general secretary

Long March Spirit

Like a monumental monument

Resonance with the same frequency of the times

Cohesion of Chinese strength

Pursue the spirit of the Long March

Face the moment

Take the long march today

Time is not waiting, just fighting day and night

Wanshuiqianshan never forget the way

Set foot on the red earth again and again

Always pay attention to the development of old areas and the lives of people in old areas

Thoughts from "Draught not forgetting to dig well"

A history of revolutionary struggle in the Soviet Union

It’s a history of deep love for the ministries and people

In the solemn and quaint Gutian meeting place

Reminiscing about the past, talking about tradition, and naughty family

"You can't forget the old folks in the old revolutionary base"

It's a commitment, it's action

In the mind of the general secretary

No poverty in old areas

That's an incomplete comprehensive well-off

No more than love people


General Secretary Xi Jinping said

Let the people live a good life

Is the starting point and ending point of all our work

Care about living

Care about illness

Concerned about weakness and help

Caring about learning

With a firm belief of "doing real work for the people"

Often encourage themselves by "people's attendants"

The smile on the faces of the folks

Is to pursue the most beautiful scenery on the road

Times are the people who write the paper, we are the people who answer the paper, and the people are the people who read the paper

The party's "rush test" is far from over

But the Communists have a strong heart after the vicissitudes

From the fire of the stars

To the world’s largest political party

There is no higher mountain than man

There is no longer way than feet


Always in some special years

Give people the power to learn wisdom and move on