On July 7, 10.71 million students will enter about 400,000 test sites in more than 7,000 test sites across the country and accept an unprecedented examination of life—the entrance examination for higher education. This year is the 43rd year since the college entrance examination, which determines the fate of hundreds of millions of Chinese youths, is resumed. As in previous years, this exam not only affects the hearts of the candidates and their families, but as the exam time approaches, it has become a widespread concern of the whole society. hot topic.

  Unlike in recent years, due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, this year's college entrance examination will not only be held for one month to early July, but the probability of encountering natural disasters such as high temperatures and floods will increase. It will also be carried out under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. Many complex and uncertain factors have great difficulties and challenges for candidates and test personnel. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the college entrance examination, many departments including education, health, public security, transportation, and all sectors of society have been mobilized extensively to work hard to win the epidemic.

  Health college entrance examination

  This year's college entrance examination is the largest organized collective activity in the country since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia. It is necessary to complete the gathering and evacuation of a large number of people in an orderly manner within a short period of time. In view of the characteristics of the new coronavirus is easy to spread through the respiratory tract, it is really difficult to do a good job in related prevention and control to ensure that there is no cluster infection in the examination room, and to maintain the health of the majority of candidates and examination personnel. To this end, the relevant departments implemented comprehensive policies and issued relevant epidemic prevention policy measures about 20 days before the start of the college entrance examination.

  As the public health functional department and the main leader and guidance department of the epidemic prevention and control of the whole society, the National Health and Health Commission was added as a member unit of the Inter-Ministry Joint Conference of the National Education Unified Examination, and formulated and issued preparations for the preparation of the college entrance examination and the preparation for the examination The detailed work plan is "10 key measures for the prevention of epidemic prevention in the 2020 college entrance examination" (hereinafter referred to as "10 articles for epidemic prevention").

  "Ten Epidemic Prevention Article 10" can be said to be "customized" for the college entrance examination, a complete guide to the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, not only stipulates the environmental sanitation and disinfection, cooling, ventilation and other aspects of the test, but also answers whether the candidates and test staff are wearing Masks and other issues of wide concern, the specific content covers almost all the scenes involved in the college entrance examination: from the personnel health monitoring 14 days before the exam to the daily protection of the candidates before the exam and the choice of transportation and corresponding protective measures when going to the exam ; From the assessment of the abnormal condition of the test-related personnel before and during the exam, to the setting of the test site program and the treatment of abnormal temperature; from the setting of the standby test room to the handling of the abnormal condition during the examination process.

  It is particularly worth mentioning is the provision on the establishment of standby examination rooms in the "Ten Epidemic Prevention Articles 10." In terms of quantity, the "Ten Epidemic Prevention Articles 10" requires that, in principle, there should be one spare test room for prevention and control for every 10 general test sites, and no less than 3 test sites per test site. With regard to the opening, the "Ten Epidemic Prevention Article 10" stipulates that when candidates who have fever, cough and other respiratory symptoms on the day of the test, the standby isolation test room is put into use, and specific provisions are placed on the specific location and density of the candidates in the standby isolation test room.

  Regarding the candidates' parents, relatives and friends, schools, teachers, etc., sending and welcoming candidates, various localities have made corresponding regulatory arrangements based on the scientific prevention and control of epidemics. For example, in order to motivate candidates in the past years, some schools will organize the college entrance examination oath meeting before sending the exams. This year, such activities have been largely cancelled or held online. As another example, in the past year, near the end of the exam, the parents, relatives and friends of the candidates will often gather at the entrance of each test center to welcome the candidates. This year, due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, many places do not allow such behavior.

  The measures to prevent and control the epidemic situation of the college entrance examination are in place, and the professional qualities and capabilities of the examination staff are inseparable. For this reason, the Ministry of Education and the National Health and Health Commission jointly organized a training seminar on the prevention of epidemic prevention and examination work for colleges and universities. County test institutions and test center personnel carried out full coverage training and conducted inspections and inspections on the epidemic prevention of the test site before the test to ensure that all measures were put in place.

  Ping An College Entrance Examination

  Compared with previous years, epidemic prevention and control measures such as the orderly queuing and temperature measurement of college entrance examination sites will inevitably require candidates to spend more time to ensure the safety and smoothness of the traffic to the exam. It is particularly important to obtain sufficient time. To this end, based on the experience and practices of previous years, public security agencies in various regions have further increased their service efforts and upgraded the green passages for convenient transportation and green roads for rescue and rescue. Those who have forgotten to bring ID cards, admission permits, and encountered traffic congestion and other difficulties Of the candidates or the vehicles that sent the test to encounter failures and traffic accidents provide emergency support services and win precious time.

  Ensuring public security and providing a good test atmosphere for candidates is one of the important dimensions of the safe college entrance examination. To this end, the national public security system carried out a comprehensive safety inspection and clean-up of test sites and potential hidden safety hazards around the test site before the test, and set up a safety control zone within a certain range of the test site and test room to strengthen security precautions and measures. Security patrol.

  Near the college entrance examination, some areas in Sichuan, Guizhou, Hunan, and Hubei suffered floods and floods, and local disasters were severe. People are in doubt about whether the local college entrance examination can be successfully held. In fact, it is not necessary, after years of hardening, the relevant departments have already accumulated rich experience in coping. According to the postponement of this year's college entrance examination to early July, the country has entered a new period of frequent floods and typhoons. Relevant departments have focused on refining special plans for natural disasters such as "Flood Prediction" and "Earthquake Prediction". Order calmly.

  Smooth college entrance examination

  While overcoming the difficulties caused by the epidemic situation and natural disasters, and ensuring the safe entrance of the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination reform is also steadily advancing according to the established plan. According to the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Examination Admission System" issued by the State Council, a number of important college entrance examination reform measures will be promoted this year, which is a veritable key year for the college entrance examination reform to deepen and re-enter. The second batch of pilot provinces, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, and Hainan, officially launched the new college entrance examination to promote the reform of examination subject setting and enrollment and admission mechanism. Relevant parties have made orderly preparations to ensure the smooth implementation of the reform pilot.

  It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of this year, the “Strong Foundation Program” aimed at selecting and cultivating students who are interested in serving the country’s major strategic needs and who have excellent comprehensive qualities or top-notch basic disciplines was launched and put into practice, and pilot universities have overcome the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation The impact of the future, vigorously promote related work. Next, the "Strong Foundation Program" will standardize and orderly do the school exams and admissions according to the candidates' college entrance examination results.

  In addition, the college entrance examination reform continues to adhere to the value orientation, further expand the scale of enrollment of key colleges and universities for rural and poor areas; further coordinate resources, complete the task of enrolling higher vocational colleges, and allow higher education resources to benefit more candidates.

  Integrity College Entrance Examination

  Integrity college entrance examination has always been the value advocated by society, and is also the goal of college entrance examination. As the college entrance exams approached, schools around the country concentrated on developing honesty education for candidates, taking honesty reference as the last lesson in high school. For example, the third grade of Deqing Qiushi Senior High School in Zhejiang held a blackboard newspaper design activity with the theme of "Honestly Waiting for Examination and Execution in the World" in June to deeply promote the integrity of the college entrance examination style. Beijing has widely publicized relevant laws and regulations to the broad masses of candidates, by signing a letter of integrity examination commitments with candidates, and establishing electronic files of candidates’ integrity examinations, etc., to educate and guide candidates to consciously resist violations of laws and regulations.

  The honesty college entrance examination relies on a high degree of consciousness and strict implementation of the examination style and discipline, especially the use of high-tech means to counter high-tech cheating in recent years. It is understood that during this year's college entrance examination, each test center will adopt more complete technical means, do a good job in the identification of candidates, video monitoring of the test process, and use radio cheating prevention and control, online patrol, etc., escorting the whole process without dead ends.

  In the context of the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic this year, in addition to the serious examination style and discipline, and the elimination of cheating and fraud, the Integrity College Entrance Examination has a layer of meaning, that is, candidates should truthfully report and present real physical health conditions, honestly accept before entering the examination room The body temperature test cannot be used to "evade" the body temperature test by taking antipyretics in advance. In fact, the relevant parties have specially set up a standby test room for candidates with unexpected body temperature and other unexpected situations. Candidates have no need to worry about such problems.

  Warm college entrance examination

  The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has forced many schools to switch to online teaching, which has affected the review of senior high school graduating students more or less. At the same time, the new Pneumonia virus is easy to pass through the respiratory tract, which makes it difficult to prevent and control. It makes some college entrance examination candidates worry about being infected, which affects the review of the exam and the participation in the exam, resulting in anxiety.

  In response to the above situation, education departments and admission examination institutions in various places, together with local health, disease control, and youth leagues, and other units and departments, on the one hand, increase publicity efforts to improve the public health knowledge level, health awareness and self-protection ability of candidates. On the other hand, through the opening of the decompression hotline for the college entrance examination and the WeChat public platform, it provides counseling and services to candidates, helping them ease their anxiety and better prepare for the college entrance examination. For example, the Shanghai Songjiang District Committee of the Communist Youth League opened the "Qingsong Psychology" post to announce to the public the phone numbers of a number of national-level professional psychological counselors to provide psychological counseling for college entrance examination candidates and relieve tension. As another example, since the beginning of June, many places in the country have used the "12355 Youth Help Desk" as a platform for serving local college entrance examination candidates, and invited psychologists to participate in online consultation and answering questions.

  Although it is the midsummer heat, this year there will be more college entrance examination candidates who can answer questions in a refreshing air-conditioned environment. For example, Sanming, Fujian requires that all air conditioning equipment for the college entrance examinations be installed in place by June 30. As another example, Hainan, Anhui, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places have stated that this year, they will realize that all college entrance examinations will be equipped with air conditioning. In the context of the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, the installation of air conditioners must also be scientific and standardized. In this regard, relevant persons from the National Health and Health Commission's Disease Prevention and Control Bureau made a request at a press conference on June 19 that ordinary test rooms can use split air conditioning or central air conditioning, and standby isolation test rooms must use split air conditioning.

  In response to the traffic difficulties encountered by some college entrance examination candidates under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, some online travel platforms have taken action and actively fulfilled their social responsibilities. For example, on June 30, Gaode Taxi and the China Transportation Enterprise Management Association Lei Feng Fleet Charity Service Alliance Working Committee and other jointly launched the taxi "Love Test Examination Technology Escort" charity event. From that day, in Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xuzhou Waiting for the city's free "candidate car" to help candidates with poor transportation to go to the exam, strictly follow the requirements of the new coronary pneumonia virus prevention and control, and provide "tailor-made" services for them.

  Our reporter Zhang Baoshu