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Here are new reactions to the announcement Monday evening of the government of the new Prime Minister Jean Castex:

- Christian Jacob, president of LR: "All that for that! (...) This government, for what? It is essentially a game of musical chairs (...) We are facing an economic and social crisis without previous, with a President of the Republic unable to set a course and an ambition, and who tries to save time with a casting without knowing which play is going to be performed. " (to AFP)

- Olivier Faure, first secretary of the PS: "The crisis called for a profound change. In the end, it is a government more right than ever. Macron promised to reinvent himself but he continues to concentrate all the powers. It is not a government is a whim. " (Twitter)

- Boris Vallaud, PS spokesperson: "The President wanted to reinvent himself and reinvent France but he cannot reinvent his government." (Twitter)

- Bruno Questel, LREM deputy: "Since 2017, we no longer reason in terms of leaning to the right or leaning to the left but general interest and reform of France. There are several changes, it is a new structuring of the team government behind the Prime Minister. " (to AFP)

- Ségolène Royal, ex-Minister of Ecology: "There are interesting things about new concepts, such as integration and citizenship", but "the outgoing team is almost renewed with a few modifications, and then c "is a government that remains very The Republic on the move. We do not see the ecological strength of this government". Barbara Pompili will have "not to give up (....) in front of the other ministries", in particular "that of the Economy" (Public Senate)

- Xavier Bertrand, former minister and president of the Hauts-de-France region: "Our country needs an efficient interior minister. Gérald Darmanin has the qualities to assume this mission. I know what an honor it represents for this servant of the state. " (Twitter)

- Jean-François Julliard, director general of Greenpeace France: "Barbara Pompili's experience and commitment to the environment are beyond doubt, but we are unfortunately skeptical about the real influence she may have in the face of omnipresent president and a majority that systematically unravel any significant progress in favor of the climate. " (communicated)

- Hugues Renson, Vice-President (LREM) of the National Assembly: "On the New Path, the French will be able to count on the strength of convictions, the outspokenness and the courage of my friend Barbara Pompili" (Twitter)

- Fabien Roussel, first secretary of the PCF: "The new government or the art of making old with old. It is always the old world which dominates. It is not with this government that we will have the change of long awaited course for social justice and for ecology! " (Twitter)

- Guillaume Peltier, number two of LR: "France deserved a radical change of policy, it undergoes a sad game of musical chairs. All that for that, while our homeland is sinking into debt, unemployment, communitarianism & technocracy. "(Twitter)

- Julien Aubert, LR deputy for Vaucluse: "We were talking about taking a war with Les Républicains. Finally, there will only be Roselyne Bachelot, certainly charismatic but retired from the political world for several years. This is proof that the Titanic may offer an orchestra, but no one goes up to dance. " (Twitter)

- MP LR Olivier Marleix tweeted a short video of the ex-mayor of Levallois Patrick Balkany dancing during the music festival, accompanied by the comment: "Patrick Balkany learning of the appointment of his lawyer as Minister of Justice".

- Sébastien Chenu, RN spokesperson: "We take the same ones and we start the same policy again ... Emmanuel Macron did not understand anything heard and fell back on his last circle of followers ..." (Twitter)

- Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of LFI: "A banal liberal government". "Victory. Belloubet, Castaner, Pénicaud finally resigned. Macron has released his worst minions. The others will follow because we will not let go." (Twitter)

- Manuel Valls, former Prime Minister: "Courage and success for the new government of Jean Castex. The commitment of all the ministers will be essential to meet the challenges of the coming months." (Twitter)

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