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It is the capital of Vietnam, Hano.

A gold hotel has appeared.

Not only the exterior walls of the building are visible, but the bathtub, sink, shower and toilet in the room are all gold.

Even the pool tiles, dishes and cups are plated in pure gold.

In this way, 1 ton of pure gold was used to color the golden inside and outside the hotel.

Originally, the hotel was scheduled to start operating this spring, but its opening was delayed to Corona 19.

In Vietnam, the blockade has eased, and it has been opened.

And it was transformed into a golden hotel like this to attract customers.

The overnight lodging fee is $250, starting at about 300,000 won.

The hotel said that the hotel, which was coated with gold up to the wash basin, is the only one in the world that continues to promote largely.

The netizens said, "I think someone will scratch this in a few months!" "The gorgeous pure gold wrapped the toilet lol. It seems like it will be a burden to see..."