China News Service, July 5th, according to the European Union quoted the European Union News Agency, a few days ago, a female entrepreneur in the US e-commerce field learned that Europe opened the border, and decided to take a private plane with five other family members to Italy for vacation, when the plane After arriving in Sardinia, they were refused entry by the airport border inspection staff.

  According to reports, the EU will remove the entry restrictions for "14+1" countries from July 1, and visitors from these countries can freely move and travel in the Schengen area when entering any EU member state.

  On the second day of the EU's opening of the border, Federica Fanari, a 37-year-old female entrepreneur with dual US and Italian citizenship, and her family took a private jet from Eagle, Colorado, USA The airport took off and flew to Liaris Airport in Sardinia that night.

  Fanari and his family were rejected by the airport border inspection staff while going through the immigration formalities, and were asked to return to the original plane. Because the two pilots on the plane were too tired, the long-distance flight was extremely potentially dangerous. Fanari had to contact the airport of the neighboring country to request entry.

  Fanari’s family members have complex nationalities. In addition to the US nationality, her husband is also a British citizen. Among the 4 children, some have New Zealand nationality and some have British nationality. After the pilots coordinated, the British border inspection department agreed that Fanari and his family entered the UK. After the plane landed at Birmingham Airport in the UK, the whole family had entered the country smoothly.

  Fanari's ancestral home is in the city of Oristano in Sardinia. It should be the Italian diaspora living in the United States. She said to the border inspector that she was also an Italian citizen, and the government blocked her citizens and family members from the country, depriving her of her citizenship. She will entrust a lawyer to discuss a statement and emphasize that she will never return to Sardinia in the future.

  After the incident, the chairman of the Sardinian Autonomous Region Christian Solinas (Christian Solinas) said that on whether to allow Fanari and his family to enter the issue, the Sardinian border inspectors have asked the higher level units for instructions. The regional government has no right to open the border, and refusal of entry is a regulation of the central government and the European Union.

  Salvatore Deidda, a member of the Italian Brotherhood, said that the repatriation of Italian nationals and family members with Italian citizenship is against the national constitution. The United States is an important residence for Italian aliens. The government should consider the rights and interests of aliens in formulating policies and strengthen the protection of aliens. (Boyuan)