The rules are an EU decision and were intended to be implemented July 1 this year. But because of the corona epidemic, the new rules are postponed until the first of January 2021.

In addition to driving license training, there are also stricter rules for using drones in the public space. Anyone who is under 16 needs to have a person who is over 18 with the operator.

"Fewer will fly"

By 2023, the rules will be further tightened and then all drones will also be able to be identified similar to the current car register.

- We are a crowd that will not be more but fewer. Unfortunately, this will mean that fewer will fly and it will be difficult to recruit younger people who want to get involved with model airplanes and drones, says Pär Nilsson, chairman of Södertälje model airplane club to SVT News.

Some of the new rules do not apply in the restricted locations of the model airline clubs, but according to the clubs you usually do not look for association activities before you have tried yourself and become interested. The model clubs are also concerned about the Swedish Transport Agency's proposal that ordinary model aircraft should also be included in the new regulations.

- This means that several of our competition classes disappear overnight. In fact, I do not really understand how they have thought here, says Mats Erlandsson, chairman of the Ripa model flying club.

Millions more drones in the EU

Rémi Vesvre is responsible for drones at the Swedish Transport Agency.

- It wants to enable new services in the drone sector and more drones create increased uncertainty in airspace and also create problems for people's integrity. Now a drone can fly over someone's plot or summer cottage without the individual being able to identify who is flying or why says Rémi Vesvre.

Drones are used today both commercially and as a hobby, but the market is expected to grow enormously. For example, for delivering food and goods, ambulances and fire drones to save lives, mini-drones pollinating flowers, delivery of vaccines and medicines in difficult-to-reach environments and in infrastructure projects.

- In a few years, there will be 100,000 new jobs and millions more drones only within the EU. That is why the new rules are necessary, says Rémi Vesvre to SVT News.