China News Client Beijing, July 6 (Lang Lang) On the 7th, the national college entrance examination in 2020 will be officially opened, and about 10.71 million candidates will go to the examination room. What is the weather situation in this year's national college entrance examination? How to prevent epidemic prevention in college entrance examination? What should I do if I have a fever during the exam? For this year's college entrance examination, this guide will close soon!

The 2020 National College Entrance Examination is imminent, and candidates see the examination room in advance. The picture shows the candidates walking out of the test center after reading the test room. Photo by Qu Honglun

How was the weather during the college entrance examination?

  On July 3, the China Meteorological Administration held a press conference to forecast the weather situation throughout the country during the college entrance examination this year.

  Overall, it is expected that the national weather and climate situation during the college entrance examination (July 7-10) will be more complicated, with strong convection weather in the north and high temperature in the south. Among them, Chongqing, Hubei, southern Henan, southern Shandong and other parts of the country have heavy rains and local heavy rains, accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term heavy precipitation and thunderstorms. Jiangnan, southern China, Shaanxi Guanzhong, western Inner Mongolia and other places have more high temperature above 35℃.

  July is midsummer, how to prevent heatstroke and cool down in the examination room? According to the "Key Measures for Preventing Epidemic Diseases in the 2020 College Entrance Examination" issued by the National Health and Health Commission's Disease Prevention and Control Bureau on June 24, ordinary test rooms can use split air conditioning or central air conditioning, and standby isolation test rooms must use split air conditioning.

  Examination rooms without air-conditioning facilities can use natural ventilation, electric fans and other equipment to enhance ventilation. When using electric fans or ice cubes to cool down, do not completely close the doors and windows.

The picture shows the cleaning staff of Beijing No.12 Middle School cleaning and disinfecting the examination room and corridor on July 3. China News Agency reporter Tomita

How to arrange epidemic prevention in the examination room?

  In terms of epidemic prevention in the examination room, according to "10 Key Measures for the Prevention of Epidemic Diseases in the 2020 College Entrance Examination", a temperature monitoring point is set at the entrance of the examination site to measure the temperature of all the personnel who enter the examination site. In order to avoid the misjudgment caused by the outdoor high temperature, a pergola and a re-examination room for persons with abnormal body temperature are also provided for the waiting and re-examination personnel to use.

  For the abnormal physical conditions of the candidates and staff detected and monitored before and during the examination, the health department, disease control agency, and medical institution instruct the education department to make a professional evaluation. The education department in accordance with the professional evaluation recommendations, comprehensive research and evaluation Conditions for taking exams and organizing exam work.

What should I do if I have a fever and cough on the test day?

  "10 key measures for the prevention of epidemic prevention in the 2020 college entrance examination" requires that, in principle, there should be one spare quarantine test room for every 10 general test sites (each test site must not be less than 3). If candidates have fever, cough and other respiratory symptoms on the day of the test, candidates who are qualified to continue to complete the test after the study will be turned on to use an alternate test room.

  In principle, one person per room is required. If there are not enough spare test rooms, the front row, the last row, or the four-corner row can be used to share one room (up to 4 people).

  "Candidates must move from the ordinary examination room to the alternate examination room to take the exam. This time is delayed. Please ask the provincial education department to make up the time according to the agreement in advance. Calculate the transfer time and the time of expert judgment, although it is a few minutes. Even more than a dozen minutes is also critical for candidates." He Qinghua, a first-level inspector of the National Health and Health Commission's Disease Prevention and Control Bureau, said at a news conference at the Ministry of Education on June 19.

Data map: Beijing Fengtai No. 2 Middle School students are in class. China News Agency reporter Tomita

Do I need to wear a mask during the exam? 

  Whether you need to wear a mask during the exam depends on the situation.

  According to the anti-epidemic requirements for college entrance examination introduced at the Ministry of Education press conference on June 19, candidates in low-risk areas should wear masks in public places before entering the examination room. After entering the examination room and sitting, you can decide whether to wear it according to your needs.

  Candidates in middle and high-risk areas are required to wear masks at all times. In addition, candidates in the standby isolation test room are required to wear masks in both low-risk and high-risk areas.

Personal epidemic prevention: candidates need to be equipped with protective disinfection supplies

  Ten million items for college entrance examination, the first one for epidemic prevention and safety. In the college entrance examination in a special year, how can candidates take anti-epidemic measures?

  According to "10 key measures for the prevention of epidemic prevention in the 2020 college entrance examination", personally, candidates should prepare protective equipment such as masks. Before the exam, candidates should do self-health monitoring to ensure that they are in good health during the exam, and prepare protective materials such as masks, gloves, paper towels, and quick-drying hand disinfectants in advance.

  If you are taking a private car, walking or cycling when you go to the exam, you don't need to wear a mask; if you take public transportation, you need to wear a mask all the way, you can wear disposable gloves, and do hand hygiene, and pay attention to social distance.

Data Map: Hebei Public Security Traffic Police will take multiple measures to escort the 2020 college entrance examination. Photo courtesy of Hebei Provincial Traffic Management Bureau

What if I forgot my admission ticket and ID card?

  This year's college entrance examination coincides with a working day, and candidates are under heavy traffic pressure.

  Zhang Zuoliang, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said on June 19 that during the college entrance examination, police officers on duty will provide emergency access for candidates who have forgotten to bring their ID cards, admission permits, and encountered traffic congestion, helping them arrive on time.

  For the vehicles that have failed and traffic accidents, the on-duty police will quickly dispatch the police and deal with them quickly, and if necessary, help to contact the vehicle to transfer the candidates.

  For example, the Shenzhen Traffic Police introduced ten measures to escort the college entrance examination this year. 1000 iron riders were dispatched to roll patrols on important roads in the city, main entrances and exits, and main roads to various test sites; find various accidents such as accidents and bad cars, and deal with them quickly. (Finish)