China News Service, July 5 (Xinhua), according to the US "World Daily" report, the US Census Bureau (US Census Bureau) recent statistics show that New Jersey is becoming more and more diverse, Asian residents have grown by 10% in the past decade, currently about 870,000 people, together with Hispanics, have become the largest ethnic group to increase in ten years; the proportion of white residents has fallen from 59.4% to 54.6%.

  According to the National Movers Study of the United Van Lines, the number of people moved out of NSW ranks first in the United States for many years in a row, but demographics show that the total number of residents has remained stable, an increase of 1% over 2010. Tim Evans, director of the New Jersey Future research institute, pointed out that immigration is the key to maintaining a stable population in NSW.

  The number of Chinese residents is about 153,400, an increase from the 134,400 in 2010, and currently accounts for 1.7% of the population of NSW.

  Evans admits the loss of NSW residents, seniors choose to move to areas with better weather and taxation, such as Florida, and young people are forced to choose lower-cost states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina due to living pressures. . He predicts that in the next ten years, the ratio of whites to minorities in NSW will remain the same, making it one of the most diverse states in the United States.

  NSW is also one of the 11 states with the worst net loss of white residents in the eastern United States. African-American residents are relatively stable, with an increase of 1.15 million, or about 1%; 139,000 mixed-race residents; 12,800 Indians; Pacific Island 3200 people.