Let's do further analysis with Ahn Jung-sik, a North Korean expert reporter.

Q. Is there any intention to talk to North Korea or the United States?

[Ahn Jung-sik/SBS North Korean reporter: Of course I have a thought to talk. But it would be that North Korea would negotiate it. In other words, if the US brings the security that North Korea wants, it will always negotiate. But if President Trump brings both security to North Korea before the US presidential election, it would be a bad thing for the presidential election. For Trump, you wouldn't be able to do that without the North American summit. Because North Korea knows this, it will not hold a photo-taking meeting before the presidential election. In the discourse choeseonhui October can be more sure of the North Korean stance when I see you talking to that dreamer aimed at the former Bolton aide mentioned the summit installed in North America.]

Q. North, ICBM provocation naseona?

[Ahn Jung-sik/SBS North Korean reporter: Before the US presidential election, the possibility of North Korea launching the ICBM again should be kept open. If you find it difficult to negotiate anyway before the presidential election, it would be more beneficial to negotiate with North America after the US presidential election to demonstrate your ICBM capabilities more clearly. You may think what President Trump might do if he reacts strongly, but even if North Korea launches the ICBM just before the presidential election, it is not easy for the United States to take action because of the election. The fact that North Korea has a strategic calculation table can be said to have prepared a calculation table with the US presidential election in mind.]

Q. Will diplomatic security change or change the situation?

[Ahn Jung-sik/SBS Reporter, North Korea: Today's discourse on Choi Choi-hee has this phrase. 'Some people express their willingness to mediate the North American summit.' It must be seen that it was aimed at President Moon Jae-in. In a word, I don't care, but I think North Korea's rejection of our government still remains. It doesn't seem like it will be easy for something to change right away because of the change in diplomatic security. There will be some changes in the situation before and after the presidential election in the United States, so I think we need to make a mid-to-long term plan to prepare for that time.]  

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