The Yomiuri Shimbun reported that the Japanese party's Liberal Democratic Party is controversial in the party's "recruitment quota", which actually forces its members to gather 1,000 new members each year.

The Liberal Democratic Party imposes a quota of 1,000 new members per year on its members, and members who fail to achieve this are disadvantaged in the case of members of the House of Representatives (the House of Representatives) who are limited in running proportional representation.

The Japanese House of Representatives has a redundant candidate system that allows candidates running for regional districts (small districts) to become candidates for the national district (proportional representative). You will not see this benefit.

The issue of controversy within the Liberal Democratic Party was a major obstacle to the recruitment of Liberal Democrats, which was revealed by the arrest of former Katsuyuki Kawai lawyers.

The Kawaii couple, close to Liberal Democratic Party governor Abe, last month on charges of sprinkling 265.7 million yen (approximately 290 million won) to 94 people, including local heads of local government and local lawmakers, in Hiroshima's district before Mr. Anri's run for the House of Representatives election in July last year. I was arrested by the prosecution.

However, as the Liberal Democratic Party's headquarters found that the amount of funds the candidate had provided to Anri amounted to 150 million yen, the suspicion is growing that some of the money paid by the Liberal Democrats was eventually used to buy tickets for Mr. Anri's election. .

A young lawmaker from the Liberal Democratic Party said, "I'm hearing from local residents that'Is my bill used to buy tickets?'" and complained, "It is the worst timing for recruiting members now." .

However, the Democratic Party's administration is not making any move to loosen the allocation standards, so the controversy is likely to grow.

(Photo = Yonhap News)