Governor of Tokyo election Reaction of each political party July 5, 20:37

For the Tokyo Governor's election, in which 22 people, the largest number in the past, ran, the current position, Yuriko Koike (67), confirmed her second election. It is the reaction of each political party.

LDP Lecturer Masahisa Kishida "It is important to communicate with the Tokyo government"

“The response to the new coronavirus is at an important time, especially in Tokyo, and Governor Koike puts all his efforts into the safety and security of the citizens of the city,” said the LDP's political researcher Kishida. To that end, it is important for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the government to communicate with each other, but I think that the results of this time will have an impact on national politics, the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the timing of general elections, etc. Not".

Kimiaki Sato vs. Chairman, “Miyagi Koike for 4 years gave a certain evaluation”

The Komeito Party Chairman Sato's election committee chairman told reporters, "We accept that the four-year response to the Koike metropolitan government and the new coronavirus has been evaluated to a certain degree. In addition, the postponed Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics As for the people of Tokyo, I would like to see Mr. Koike's desire to entrust him with this.” We would like Mr. Koike to take measures against the increasingly tense new coronavirus and to carry out economic activities on two wheels. Said.

Representative Tamaki “A lot of voices say that you should not change your current position”

National Democratic Party representative Tamaki told the NHK interview, "While the new coronavirus has not converged, there is a large number of voices saying that the current governor, who is at the forefront of measures, should not be changed at this time. The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were also at issue, but I think that there was a lot of people's willingness to avoid the turmoil, rather than consensus on individual issues. The governor won the victory, but I think the local and national elections are different."

Ishin Matsui, representative of "I am defeated by our lack of strength"

Representative Matsui of the Japan Restoration Association told NHK, "Mr. Ono worked hard even though he was not well-known, but we were completely defeated due to our lack of power. We accept that Mr. Koike was overwhelmingly trusted." It was.

Communist Chairman of the Order "Development of the joint struggle between citizens and the opposition"

A communist party chairman who supported Utsunomiya told NHK, “While Mr. Utsunomiya was not able to win, he was unable to win. I am convinced that it was a rational thing that indicated the direction in which the government should proceed. I would like to make further progress toward the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the general election."