British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the 3rd urged the British to restrain their actions at the restart of the weekend bar, so as not to undermine everyone's efforts to curb the new crown epidemic.

Data Map: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a speech at 10 Downing Street, London.

  The fourth stage of the British economic restart will start on the 4th, which is this weekend. The bars in the England area will be open for the first time since mid-March, and restaurants, museums, hotels and other commercial institutions will also reopen.

  After a long "lock city", the media has described the 4th as "Super Saturday", but it has also caused concern that some people may lose control after being released for too long at home, increasing the risk of spreading the new crown virus.

  Johnson said in an interview with the London Broadcasting Corporation Radio: "I really want to see that people can behave responsibly and enjoy the summer safely."

  He explained the government's restart arrangements based on risk considerations. "We are in good shape now, but I mean, let's not destroy it."

  The media revealed on the same day that the British government still did not recommend nationals to travel abroad. Stanley Johnson, the father of Prime Minister Johnson, went to Greece via Bulgaria on the 1st. Speaking of external questions, Johnson told the London Broadcasting Corporation: "I think you should really ask him."

  Johnson said: "I will not disclose the conversations within the family...I am very happy that the vast majority of British people understand how to do it and remain cautious. This is the right way to go."

  Stanley Johnson is the second prime minister to be suspected of violating social distance and travel restrictions. Previously, Dominic Cummings, a senior Johnson consultant, went out to another city during the "lock city" to spark public criticism.

  Earlier in the day, British Transport Minister Grant Shaps defended Stanley Johnson, saying that the government’s travel recommendations are guidelines and not legally binding, "This recommendation is that you have to decide where you want to go."

  Reuters reported that Johnson will also hold a press conference to remind business organizations that future life and the entire economy depend on respect for social distance.

  The police are also making preparations. London Police Chief Cressida Dick told BBC Radio that the police will invest more police power to deal with possible chaos and violence. "We are ready."

  The bar reopened, but the old days no longer exist. Bar admission requires a limited number of people, there is no longer a crowd, people cannot stand by the bar, and there will be no live band performance. When conditions permit, customers need to keep a distance of 2 meters from each other. If the space does not allow, the owner needs to take measures, such as setting a divider between the dining tables.

  In addition to England, bars in Northern Ireland are also scheduled to reopen on the 4th; Scotland is reopened from the 6th, only outdoor business, until the 15th can fully resume indoor and outdoor business; in the Welsh region, the bar since the 13th Only then can we start serving alcoholic beverages outdoors.

  The United Kingdom is one of the countries with the worst New Crown epidemic, with more than 44,000 deaths confirmed. The British government is scheduled to exempt the isolation requirements for travelers from certain low-risk countries entering England from the 10th, and plans to lift the travel restrictions on some countries from the 4th to allow the British to go abroad for vacation. (Zhuang Beining) (Special feature for Xinhua News Agency)