As a dear old summer friend, the algal blooms in the Baltic Sea usually sweep towards the country. This year is no exception.

- It has started properly, but is quite far out. But it pushes towards Sweden and there are many areas that say that now the algae are close to the coast, including Blekinge, says Inger Näslund, expert on sea and fishing at WWF.

Flowering will be somewhat later this year than usual.

- It depends on the weather we have had. It has been very hot now after the midsummer weekend and then it starts to bloom, says Inger Näslund.

Fertilizer from fields

The reason why algal blooms occur is, among other things, that fertilizers from fields have run out into the sea.

- In Sweden, we have become better at building wetlands and the like. But more needs to be done to prevent algal blooms, says Inger Näslund.

One such thing, Inger Näslund believes, is that as a private person you should think about how you act in the Baltic Sea.

- You should not leave the remains of the boat toilet in the sea, nor should you pee in the sea. It may sound a little ridiculous for such small measures to help, but many streams are small.