China News Service, July 5 (Xinhua)-According to a report by the Kyodo News Agency, southern Japan Kumamoto Prefecture suffered heavy rains. The county government said on the 4th that the flooding of the Kumagawa River has caused a total of 15 people to stop the cardiopulmonary state. Nine people are missing and one person is dying.

  According to reports, police, fire and land self-defense forces have officially launched rescue operations in some areas, but many residents have been isolated. With mountain areas as the center, some areas are not receiving assistance, and the scale of the disaster may be further expanded.

  According to the prefectural government, 14 people in the special nursing home "Qianshouyuan" flooded near the Kumagawa tributary of Kuma Village and 1 in Tsunagi-cho were found in cardiopulmonary arrest. The unaccounted for were 6 people in Lubei-cho, 2 people in Tsunagi-cho and 1 person in Hitoyoshi. Another person in Lubei Town is dying.

  The Kumagawa River flooded from upstream to downstream, the road was interrupted, and flooding was widespread.

  The Meteorological Agency issued a special heavy rain warning to Kumamoto Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture (except Amami) for the first time on the morning of the 4th. A total of 11 cities, towns and villages in the two counties issued evacuation instructions.