"Career bureaucracy" recruitment test 2 months later delayed New corona impact July 5 10:15

The hiring test for "general staff" of national civil servants, which had been postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, is being conducted on the 5th, two months behind the original schedule.

Initially, the first trial of the recruitment test for the national civil servant "general employee" who is a so-called "career bureaucracy" was scheduled for April, but it was postponed twice due to the spread of infection, and it was postponed twice on 5th, 37 places nationwide It is held at the venue.

At Taisho University in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, test takers gathered and entered the venue about an hour before the test started at 9 am.

According to the National Personnel Authority, the number of applicants this year was 16,730, which is the lowest since FY2012 when the current examination system was introduced.

A 25-year-old woman said, “It was difficult to stay motivated by the postponement of the exam. I want to work hard on nuclear security at the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, so I will do my best.”

A 23-year-old man said, "I want to be involved in work that underpins the industry. Although government officials are not on the table, I think that they are important occupations for the development of the country, so I will do my best."

The final successful applicants of the national civil servant "general job" will be announced on the 21st of next month after the second examination for writing and interviewing.