Over 100 research papers by Chinese scholars published in international science journals reveal that the same photos have been reused, which will increase the controversy over the research authenticity of the Chinese scientific community.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), at least one photo was shared in 121 papers published by researchers belonging to more than 50 hospitals or medical schools in China's cities.

"The majority of the papers suggest that they were made in the same company, the thesis factory," said American microbiologist Elizabeth Big, who revealed this fact.

The papers are published by different authors, have up to four years of lag, and focus on different research topics, but share the same cell population snapshot.

Some have cropped or rotated the image to make it look like another photo, WSJ said.

The explanations for the diagrams were repeated in several papers.

These papers have been published in six international scientific journals through the scientific peer review process.

113 of the total 121 were published in the'European Medicine and Pharmacy Review' (ERMPS).