The military operation of the Yemeni army and the tribes continued, supported by the Arab coalition to support legitimacy against the Houthi militias, on the fronts of Al-Bayda, Marib, and Naham Sanaa. The soil is southwest of Taiz, while the daily violations of the armistice by the Houthi militia continued on the west coast.

In detail, field sources confirmed that the Yemeni army forces and the tribes were able to reach the center of Qana in the Al-Bayda Governorate, after penetrating the defenses of the Houthi militias, which they recently installed in the city center and its central market, noting that violent clashes took place, yesterday morning, between the two sides in the vicinity The center and market of Qaniyeh, and that many of the bodies of Houthi elements were seen dumped in the confrontation areas.

The sources pointed out that the battles are continuing in several areas of Qania and Al-Abdiyyah, which are areas between Marib and Al-Bayda, and coalition fighters launched a series of raids focused on military positions and reinforcements of the Houthis in Qania and Al-Sawadiyah and Mahalia. Notable leaders.

In the Hazmieh front in the Directorate of Silos in Al Bayda, clashes renewed between the army and the tribes on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other hand, after the Houthis attempted to infiltrate into army positions in Hazmiyeh, and the attempt was thwarted and the militias suffered great losses.

On the Marib and Sana'a fronts, the army and tribes continued to bomb militia sites in Salb, Nahham district, and another on the outskirts of the Majzar district of Marib governorate, which led to the destruction of military vehicles and fortifications for the Houthis, while coalition fighters launched three raids on Houthi positions in those areas, achieving direct hits .

Coalition fighter jets bombed Houthi military sites and mechanisms in the Bani Suwid area, in the Majaz district of Saada governorate, and also targeted and destroyed a Houthi military operations and communications room in the area.

The coalition fighters targeted Houthi vehicles that the militia had pushed to the vicinity of the Haradh District in Hajjah Governorate, and destroyed a number of them, leaving dead and wounded among the Houthis.

In Al-Jawf, clashes continued in the vicinity of the eastern al-Hazm directorate between the army and the militias, and field sources confirmed the arrival of qualitative reinforcements to the army in preparation for the liberation of al-Hazm, the provincial capital.

In a joint coordination between the Houthi militias and the “Brotherhood” organization in Taiz, the Hafyan fronts in the eastern governorate witnessed clashes between the Houthis and the army forces, which left eight dead among the Houthis, while the “Brotherhood” militias blew up the situation in the city of Sohar, southwest of the governorate, in conjunction with the militia attack in Haifan.

Local sources in the soil said that the Brotherhood's militias sought, yesterday, to ignite the fighting in the city of Soil, and launched an attack on the forces of the 35 armored brigade, but the latter managed to counter the attack.

In Al-Dhalea, two Houthi elements were killed and four others were wounded while trying to infiltrate the joint forces ’sites in the Zayla Ya`is area northwest of Maris, after the joint forces confronted the attempt, and forced the remaining militia members to flee.

On the Hajar front, the joint forces managed to destroy a military vehicle for the militia, which was stationed in the middle of the village of Al-Thokhb, while the rest of the seam areas, in Bab Ghalaq and Habil Al-Kalb, witnessed clashes between the two sides that resulted in the death and injury of a number of Houthis. In Ibb, yesterday evening, Houthi-Houthi clashes erupted in the vicinity of the Ibb Security Administration, which resulted in the fall of a number of the injured, and local sources stated that the clashes came within the framework of differences on the financial aspects and leadership between the militia elements. In Al Hudaydah, on the western coast of Yemen, the joint forces put out yesterday the Houthi militia fire sources, which were targeting locations and residential areas in the "Kilo 16" area and residential sites in Al-Drahamy. While the militia continued to violate the armistice and yesterday, yesterday, bombed the Al-Dabiani neighborhood and the Al-Ittihad Hotel in the city of Hodeidah, it targeted the mountainous areas and the northern districts of the district of Al-Tahita district.

• Coalition fighters destroy the Houthi operations room, sites, and military vehicles in Saada.

• The Yemeni army and tribes are destroying military vehicles and fortifications of militias in Sana'a and Marib.

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